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PSA 2022 Annual Conference


The Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association. This 2022 PSA conference takes ‘the margins’ as a vantage point to investigate political  issues and developments. 

The Conference invites reflection on shifting centres of power in the global, regional, national and  subnational political order. Devolution, Brexit and ‘levelling up’ policies have compelled us to rethink the mainstream and the margins in British politics. The rise of the BRICS and other emerging markets force a reconceptualisation of mainstream and margin in global politics. Across the world, political subjects at the margins interrogate mainstream understandings and practices of politics and power. While marginalisation of some political subjects has become further entrenched, other previously dominant voices feel newly marginalised. How does politics change and who benefits when those who feel left out or behind make their  voices heard? What mechanisms contribute to their silencing or to their move to alternative forms  of politics? Finally, inspired by the growing calls for diversifying and decolonising research and  teaching in politics, this PSA conference seeks to cast a critical and reflexive eye on political science  scholarship by considering what or who is positioned on the margins within our scholarship and  academic community and what could be gained by including marginalised perspectives, voices and  topics. To that end, we invite contributions that help us to think not only ‘from’ but also ‘with’ the  margins, ‘against’ the margins or even ‘beyond’ the margins.

11 - 13 Apr 2022 York, United Kingdom