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How Was Brexit For You? A Reflection On What We Learnt


Hosted by the European Institute & the School of Public Policy

Brexit represents the biggest systemic shock to the UK economy, society and politics for generations. Adapting to the 2016 referendum result has confronted established assumptions about the system, created the need to shift behaviours, and raised new questions about the model to be championed – while institutions struggle with new policy dilemmas, often of a transformative nature. So, what are we learning and what do we still need to learn if the UK is to make a success of Brexit? The panel will consider the changes occurring across government, the economy and society.

Meet our speakers and chair

Catherine Barnard (@CSBarnard24) is Professor of European Union and Labour Law at Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

Gerard Lyons is an economist and Chief Economic Strategist at Netwealth Investments, having previously served as Chief Economic Adviser to Boris Johnson while he was Mayor of London.

Ivan Rogers is the former UK Permanent Representative to the EU.

Kevin Featherstone is Eleftherios Venizelos Professor in Contemporary Greek Studies and Professor in European Politics and the Director of the Hellenic Observatory.


More about this event

This event is part of the LSE Programme, 'Brexit and Beyond'. The LSE Programme: Brexit and Beyond is a dedicated series to stimulate the public debate and informed discussion about this most pivotal topic. It comprises a variety of events, targeting LSE staff and students, as well as the general public and specific categories of policy-makers, practitioners and professionals working on Brexit; with the aim of continuing to shape the discussion surrounding its complex and uncertain agenda. The Programme is organised by LSE's European Institute and School of Public Policy.

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*Part of the LSE Programme: Brexit and Beyond*

Twitter Hashtag for this event: #LSEBrexit

17 Feb 2021 Online