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Final Jean Monnet NOVA EU workshop


The Jean Monnet project NOVA-EU (Innovating and Transforming the European Union) addressed between 2019 to 2021 four key challenges that heavily impact the European Union’s governance structure, regulatory framework, identity and, most importantly, its future.

The first workshop on Digitalisation, Ethics and EU Fundamental Rights took place on 9 and 10th January 2020 in Maastricht and was devoted to the impact of digitalization on EU fundamental rights and the development of ethical principles. The second workshop under the title Migration and Borders on 3 December 2020 addressed the ramifications of the EU’s 2015-2016 ‘migration crisis’. The third NOVA-EU workshop “Sustainable Europe and its global reach”, organized on 16 October 2020, critically reflected on the concept of ‘sustainable development’ and assessed how it implemented by the EU institutions, and it finally examined how it impacts the EU’s external policies. The fourth workshop on 24-25 June 2021 addressed EU Democracy and Rule of Law, namely how the rule of law and constitutional crises in EU Member States, especially in Hungary and Poland, can be tackled from the EU side. The final workshop aims to reflect on the research findings in these key areas, addressing conclusions and come up with follow-up research questions.

8 Dec 2021 Online