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EU and UK health and vaccination strategies in times of Covid-19: (mis)trust and politics



Covid-19 is the first major test for EU-UK relations. The vaccination race and ensuing competition for contracts and jabs had led to a first major row between the UK and its ex-EU partners.

Following the announcement of the delivery of less vaccines by AstraZeneca, the Commission made the mistake to announce a control of EU exports of vaccines, therefore, suspending de facto the Northern Ireland protocol. Correcting immediately its mistake, after raising the eyebrows of Germany and France, this diplomatic row highlights the role that the health and vaccination strategies can have on the future of the EU-UK relations. Eventually, both partners need each other in the vaccines race but it raises a series of question that our experts will answer in this webinar:


  • is the vaccination strategy adopted by the UK and other EU member states symptomatic of a 'renationalisation' or (mis)trust trends?
  • after a successful recovery plan during the first lockdown, is the EU meeting new governance challenges with its vaccines strategy?
  • what implications are there for citizens' trust in governments' vaccines strategies?
  • what are the perspectives in different countries and especially in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany?
  • are there also any lessons to draw from a global health perspective and more specifically what does the return of the US to WHO mean for the EU? And what is the EU's perspective on developing countries' access to vaccines?



- Louise van Schaik, Head of Unit EU & Global Affairs, Netherlands Institute for International Relations

- Remco van de Pas, Public health specialist and global health scholar, Maastricht Centre for Global Health

- Anna HolzscheiterChair of Political Science TU Dresden and head of the 'Governance for Global Health' research group at the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB).

Valsamis Mitsilegas, Professor of European Criminal Law and Global Security, chair of the IHSS Covid-19 working group, Queen Mary University of London (Discussant)

Sarah Wolff, Reader in European Politics and International Relations, PI NEXTEUK Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, member of the IHSS Covid-19 Working Group, Queen Mary University of London (Chair)


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This webinar is part of the NEXTEUK 2.0 Lecture Series on the future of EU-UK relations, it is organised in partnership with the IHSS Covid-19 Working Group at Queen Mary University of London.


It is supported by Erasmus +.

1 Mar 2021 Online