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Digitalization and Green Transformation of the EU


ECLIC International Scientific Conference

We are happy to announce the Call for the 7th EU and Comparative law Issues and Challenges Series (ECLIC) International Scientific Conference "Digitalization and Green Transformation of the EU", Osijek, Croatia. As part of its commitment to the study of EU law, this year's conference of the Faculty of Law Osijek intends to highlight the current and future developments of digitalization and green transformation of the European Union.

The contemporary development of European society includes two ideas, although independent of each other, aimed at digital and green transformation. Simultaneously, these ideas are interdependent, since one of the fundamental goals to be accomplished through digital transformation is to create new methods and processes that will enable the achievement of the main goals of the European Green Plan. It is believed that the development of new and advanced technologies such as various forms of artificial intelligence, 6G, blockchain technology, cloud computing and network edge computing will significantly accelerate and maximize the impact of European policy aimed at a more comprehensive and effective fight against climate change and for targeted implementation of environmental protection. Although the repeatedly expressed desire to take a big step towards digital progress and green transformation of the EU represents a common European response to today's challenges and the contemporary needs of society, it is still necessary to take care that the overemphasized idea of industrial progress does not call into question the common and unquestionable values inherent to the European space of freedom, security and justice. Therefore, the aim of this year's event is to observe in a multidimensional way how the European Union's approach to digital and green transformation affects unquestionable European values such as fundamental rights, the rule of law and democracy, and how the European Union can achieve a digital and green transformation plan while simultaneously taking care of resource-efficient and fair economy and society of the Union.

The overall objective of the ECLIC International Scientific Conference is to provide a platform and stimulate discussion on key interdisciplinary issues affecting law and economics in the EU and its Member States. We strongly encourage participants from candidate states for the EU accession to attend to conference and contribute to discussion.

We are looking forward to receiving manuscripts covering the digital and green transformation taking into account:

- European responses to the challenges of the rule of law and the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms,

- governance and policy making process,

- how the digital and green transformation is used to justify the political agenda related to it,

- what is the impact of the digitalization and green transformation on the global and national economy.

If interested in participation, please submit an abstract by 1st February 2023 electronically:

We emphasize that this year’s conference will be held fully in-person. In this post-pandemic time, we look forward to finally welcome you in Osijek and use the advantages of personal contact and networking.

7 - 8 Sep 2023 Osijek, Croatia