EU 2020 Lessons from the Past and Solutions for the Future

Osijek, Croatia

14-15 May 2020

We are happy to announce the Call for the EU and Comparative law Issues and Challenges Series (ECLIC) International Scientific Conference "EU 2020 Lessons from the Past and Solutions for the Future" to be held at the Faculty of Law in Osijek, Croatia . Ad part of its commitment to the study of EU law, this year's conference of the Faculty of Law Osijek, Croatia intends to highlight the current and future developments of the European Union. By far, the most significant event that we want to focus in 4th ECLIC conference is the appointment of the new composition of the European Commission which will surely lead to new policy development in all branches of law.


Starting from the EU influence in Member State domestic legislation and jurisprudence of Member States courts, recent CJEU rulings and its consistency with practice of the ECtHR, this year's conference aims to consider the existing capacity of national legal systems and their ability to express the EU comfortable mode of action. This is primarily due to the fact that the present legislative activity on the Commission-Council-Parliament relation has resulted in a large number of European standards codified in individual EU Regulations and Directives, for which the first feedback in the practice of individual Member States is yet to be expected. The analysis and in-depth consideration of relevant experiences will seek to evaluate the success of the harmonization of domestic legal systems so far and their willingness to embrace future European trends in the five-year period of policy development directed by the new European Commission. Topics are focused, but not limited to recent challenges in legal and economic issues of EU and Member States.


The overall objective of the ECLIC International Scientific Conference is to provide a platform and stimulate discussion on key interdisciplinary issues affecting law and economics in the EU and it Member States. We strongly encourage participants from candidate states for the EU accession to attend to conference and contribute in discussion.


We invite you to consider submitting an abstract for the Conference. The Organization Committee will decide which papers should be included in the Conference.


If interested in participation please submit an abstract by 15 January

2020 electronically:


 Abstract Submission Form 

Abstracts of 300 - 500 words (maximum) should indicate the main arguments and structure of the paper and the methods used. If accepted, you will receive the Guidelines for Authors and will be expected to deliver a full paper of no more than 10000 words by 15th April 2020.

Selected papers will be published in the peer-reviewed EU and comparative law issues and challenges series ECLIC, which is indexed in Web of Science and HeinOline.

 ECLIC contains conference proceedings that are double peer reviewed and specialized in EU and comparative law and policy. More at


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