Discourses on the European Union in Times of Political Change

Newcastle, United Kingdom

20 September 2019

We are writing to you all to disseminate a call for papers for a workshop Discourses on the European Union in Times of Political Change, which is being organised in the context of the UACES Research Network Communicating Europe, which will be held at Newcastle University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on 20 September 2019. The full workshop call is as follows:

The first six months of 2019 have been witness to considerable political shifts and changes.  The European Parliament elections saw traditionally parties and blocs receive historically low vote shares, while both strongly pro- and anti-EU parties saw increases in popularity.  The UK delayed once again its exit from the EU, with promises of an October withdrawal, with an increasingly tense and ungovernable House of Commons engaging in vociferous debate and incendiary rhetoric.  Throughout the EU, political parties, the media, and activist organisations have all sought to provide their own narratives of the European project, its legitimacy and its failings, using a wide array of communicative tools and platforms.  The coordinators of the UACES Research Network Communicating Europe invite panellists for an interdisciplinary workshop at Newcastle University in the UK on the 20th September 2019 to discuss recent developments.  Centring on the theme of 'discourses on the European Union in Times of Political Change', the workshop organisers welcome papers that encompass the following topics:

            How may we theorise developments in political and legal communication in the European Union in times of political change?

How have different political parties, politicians or activist actors sought to communicate their views on the European Union in the context of European or national elections?

How have the European Union institutions sought to communicate their policies, values and/or actions in the context of current debates over the legitimacy, democracy and/or accountability of the Union?

How have narratives in traditional and online media served to further legitimise or question the legitimacy of the European Union?

What role have different actors disseminating information and misinformation played in constructing narratives concerning the European Union?

How do the EU and the Member States regulate the content and form of political communications?  How could they be regulated given current debates over 'fake news', surveillance and censorship?

The intention of this workshop is to bring together academics working in a range of different disciplinary perspectives with diverse theoretical and methodological backgrounds in order to better understand developments in how the European Union and its actions, policies and values are communicated.  With this in mind, papers taking an interdisciplinary approach are particularly welcome.  Upon the conclusion of the workshop, we will discuss possibilities for further events, as well as for the publication of papers as a journal special issue.  Interested parties should email uacescommunicatingeurope@gmail.com and ben.farrand@ncl.ac.uk with a 300-word abstract by Friday 19th July.

Ben Farrand, Newcastle University

Isabel Camisão, University of Coimbra

Katjana Gattermann, University of Amsterdam

Catherine de Vries, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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