Africa Towards Sustainable Development - Eurafrica, Chinafrica, or Africa?

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

28-29 May 2019




Africa Towards Sustainable Development - Eurafrica, Chinafrica, or Africa?

28-29 May 2019

United Nations Conference Centre

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Jointly organised by:

The EU-EAC Jean Monnet Network

United Nations - University for Peace (UPEACE)

United Nations Conference Centre in Addis Ababa

The EU Delegation to the African Union


With the support of:

The European Union's Jean Monnet Programme

The East African Community (EAC)

The African Union (tbc.)

The Inter-University Council for East Africa

The Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia (tbc.)

The Confucius Institute in Addis Ababa


And the cooperation of:

The University of Bradford (UK)

The University of Lancaster Confucius Institute (UK)

The University of the Peloponnese (Greece)

The Protestant Institute for Arts & Social Sciences (Rwanda)

The University of Burundi (Burundi)

Gulu University (Uganda)

The United States International University - Africa (Kenya)

The Uongozi Institute for African Leadership and Sustainable  Development (Tanzania)

Deakin University (Australia)



This international conference is organised jointly by the EU-EAC Jean Monnet Network and the UN University for Peace under the thematic umbrella 'Jean Monnet - 30 Years of Excellence in European studies'. The Jean Monnet Network 'The European Union, Africa and China in the Global Age - Sustainable Development through Tripartite Cooperation and Regional Integration: The Case of the East African Community (EU-EAC)' is a research and training project supported by the European Commission, which brings together academic partners and institutions from the East African countries, Europe and China. It aims at improving EU-Africa cooperation and contributing to building sustainable societies in Africa in coordination with the European Union and China.



The EU-EAC Jean Monnet Network plans a series of three international conferences to be held in Africa (Addis Ababa), China (Beijing) and Europe (Brussels). These conferences will also be organised under the thematic umbrella 'Jean Monnet - 30 Years of Excellence in European Studies', alongside other events planned by the Jean Monnet Community around the world, to celebrate 30 years of Jean Monnet Actions, and reflect on the present and future of European integration.


The core theme of the three conferences is a possible future tripartite African / European / Chinese approach towards boosting economic and industrial development in Africa, and creating a favourable cooperative framework for sustainable development in Africa.


Each of the conferences will adopt a specific (African, Chinese or European) focus dependent on the conference location. The Addis Ababa Conference, planned in the political capital of Africa, will consider the potential for establishing a joint developmental cooperation with Europeans and Chinese specifically from an African perspective. It will investigate the feasibility of a trilateral economic partnership in which European, African and Chinese areas of strength complement each other. It will provide a forum for debate from an African perspective on the historical, cultural, economic, trade and business relations that Africa entertains with the European Union and China. It will devote specific attention to the needs of African economies whilst considering European and Chinese positions and strategies.


We invite proposals that analyse aspects linked to this overarching approach.


The conference will explore particularly, though not exclusively, the following themes and their relevance for African integration:


  • History of Africa-EU and Africa-China relations in a comparative perspective.
  •          What role for Europe and China in Africa today?
  • The EU and China in the face of African regional and continental integration.
  • The African Union - A partner for the EU and/or China?
  • The education challenge in Africa: Erasmus, Confucius, or Mandela?
  • The African Youth between past and future - Looking northwards or eastwards?
  • Youth, demography and development - A trilateral approach?
  • Africa from development aid to large-scale investments: how can the EU and China contribute more effectively to African industrialization?
  • Comparative trade patterns Africa - EU and Africa - China.
  • Africa as a potential economic bloc in the 21st Century.
  • Will China's Belt and Road Initiative promote economic integration in Africa
  • The TFTA and the growth potential of a rising intra-African trade.
  •  Conflict management in Africa - A role for Europe and/or China?
  • Water management in Africa.
  • Minerals, rare earth and geopolitical interests.
  • Sustainable development policies in Africa.
  • Migrations and demography: A European obsession?
  • Institution-building in Africa - Contributions from Europe and China
  • Democracy, fundamental rights and law: African, European and Chinese perspectives.
  • Security issues and conflict resolution in Africa: EU and Chinese responses.
  • Other foreign actors in Africa: the US, Japan, India, Russia, Turkey, Brazil..

The conference aims to have a balanced participation of both African and non-African attendants. Participation will include research scholars, analysts, policy makers and practitioners. Ample time will be devoted to engaging in debates between academics, policymakers and the audience.


Abstract proposals of 300 words maximum should be sent by 20 April 2019 to Jean-Marc Trouille: , Samuel Ewusi: , and Asteris Huliaras: .


 A selection of best papers will be published in a special edition of Asia-Europe Journal (subject to approval).

Lunches and coffee breaks provided.

No conference fee.

Participants will need to pay for their travel, accommodation and visa costs.

Discounted accommodation package (incl. airport shuttle, breakfast, WIFI, and free access to pool, steam, sauna and fitness) will be available near to the conference venue.

For further information, please contact Prof. Jean-Marc Trouille at



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