The Changing Role of Citizens in Reforming EU Democracy

London, United Kingdom

15 May 2019

This event is kindly supported by funding provided by a UACES Small Event grant, the Queen Mary Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (IHSS), and the Queen Mary Department of Law. The event is organised in cooperation with the Centre for International and European Legal Affairs (CEILA) and contributes to the IHSS research theme on Democracy.

The workshop addresses the rising challenges of reforming EU democracy and increasing citizen involvement in EU governance. These challenges have become particularly tangible with the exacerbation of existential crises in the EU, which require swift executive action, often at the expense of genuine democratic deliberation and citizen input.

The aim of this workshop is to analyse and reflect on the evolving institutional position of citizens in EU governance. The interdisciplinary pool of speakers will approach citizens not as passive recipients of rights, but as active participants in the shaping of EU decisions and policies. Aiming to assess the galvanisation of citizen participation "in the democratic life of the Union" (Art 10(3) TEU), this workshop concentrates on the nature, benefits and shortcomings of the different instruments of direct and participatory democracy at both EU and national levels. The workshop thus explores the emerging transnationalisation of citizens in EU public law.


The workshop asks fundamental theoretical questions which remain understudied in the existing literature: Is the institutionalisation of citizens in EU public law a prerequisite for democratic legitimacy and an 'ever closer union' among the peoples of Europe? Is the transnationalisation and collectivisation of the citizens' public power meaningfully possible beyond representative means?

To answer these queries, the speakers will examine recent initiatives and EU democratic reform proposals (e.g. the revision of the European Citizens' Initiative, the increasing use of pre-legislative citizen consultations, democratic conventions, the growing use of referendums, the role of citizen petitions, the European Ombudsman, and the civil society) and would therefore make an important academic contribution to this ongoing debate, which is only likely to continue.

By evaluating the reform of the concrete instruments of EU democracy, the workshop will also contribute to important policy-related debates on how to improve citizen ownership of EU policy making.

Speakers (in alphabetical order):

Dr Natassa Athanasiadou, Assistant Professor of EU Law (Maastricht University), Netherlands

Dr Luis Bouza García, Assistant Professor in Political Science (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid/College of Europe), Spain

Prof. Dr Justin Greenwood, Professor of European Public Policy Professor of European Public Policy (Robert Gordon University)

Dr Marco Inglese, Research Fellow (University of Parma), Italy

Dr Davor Jancic, Lecturer in EU Law (Queen Mary University of London), UK

Dr Mario Mendez, Reader in Public Law (Queen Mary University of London)

Dr James Organ, Assistant Professor in EU Law (University of Liverpool), UK

Ms Sophia Russack, Researcher (Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels - CEPS), Belgium

Prof. Dr Jukka Snell, Professor of EU Law (Turku University), Finland

Dr Nikos Vogiatzis, Lecturer in EU Law (University of Liverpool), UK

Ms Beth Wiltshire, European Programs Officer (The Democratic Society), UK and Belgium

Dr Robert Zbíral, Associate Professor, Department of Constitutional Law and Political Science (Masaryk University) Czechia

Attendance and participation: Free. PhD researchers and early career scholars are particularly encouraged to attend. 
Travel grants: UACES Student and Early Career members can apply for 50% of their travel costs up to a maximum of £100 to/from the UK. Full terms and conditions of this travel support can be found here.


Due to limited space, please register here.


For questions and further information, please get in touch with Dr Davor Jancic at


Dr Davor Jancic, Lecturer in Law, Department of Law, Queen Mary University of London

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