(Re-)Conceptualizing or (Re-)Theorizing how the EU faces New Realities

Darmstadt, Germany

11-14 March 2019

The world experiences an ongoing reconfiguration of power as well as increased contestation of the liberal global order. The EU's neighbourhood is increasingly conflict prone and instable, triggering migration flows and the proliferation of illiberal values. The international turbulence appears in parallel to EU-domestic conflicts, marked by austerity, Brexit, nationalism, populism and protectionism. The training school examines if traditional theories are outdated given that they employ theoretical concepts to analyse increasingly dis-jointed realities. Similarly, the school addresses the issue whether it is time to reverse traditional inside-out research agendas, portraying EU foreign policy as a projection of European values and interests. The training school reaches out to upcoming analysts who will conceptualize and theorize the EU facing a new world order. It aims to train and strengthen an emerging interdisciplinary community of early career researchers. Students will not only be taught the theories of yesterday but also the tools it takes to (re-)conceptualize and (re-)theorize the new realities in which the EU is situated.

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2019-03-11 2019-03-14 (Re-)Conceptualizing or (Re-)Theorizing how the EU faces New Realities Darmstadt, Germany Dr. Jonas Schoenefeld schoenefeld@pg.tu-darmstadt.de true YYYY-MM-DD
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