Practitioner-Academic Workshop: Perspectives on European Foreign Policy in the Context of Current EU-Russia Relations

Leiden, Netherlands

11 January 2019





1 Day Workshop - Friday 11 January 2019 - Leiden University, Netherlands

Leiden University, Cleveringaplaats 1, 2311 BD Leiden

Lipsius - room 227(2nd floor)



Background to the Event


The EU is facing crisis in many areas. Some of the challenges are rooted firmly in the EU's domestic environment. Others emanate from abroad, arguably Russia most of all. Leaving aside debates about who is responsible for the perilous state of the European security environment, it is vital that ways to reinvigorate dialogue and cooperation among all European actors are found. This workshop therefore brings together scholars and practitioners from EU member states and Russia with a view of :1) serving as an example of how dialogue and cooperation can be maintained; and 2) of identifying the points of convergence and divergence not only between the EU and Russia but between all actors in Europe.


The workshop is of relevance to scholars and practitioners. All three organisers conduct policy-relevant research and will use the workshop to ensure further fostering of the academic-practitioner dialogue.





1.    To map the range of perspectives in EU member states and Russia in respect of EU Foreign Policy

2.    Through an academic-practitioner dialogue, to debate the structures and perspectives through which the EU's Foreign Policy is conducted, researched and taught, using the EU-Russia relationship as an important and indicative lens.

a.    In the context of misinformation and fake news, we will derive conclusions about how to deliver analysis of foreign policy in an objective and critical manner, particularly in the increasingly polarised European context;

b.    To understand whether and how foreign policy-making has changed in more recent years.

3.    To connect the European Foreign Policy network and the EU-Russia network that all too often do not speak to each other.



This one-day workshop is organised by the editors of the Handbook on EU-Russian Relations (forthcoming 2019), Dr Tatiana Romanova (St. Petersburg State University) and Dr Maxine David (Leiden University), and the co-coordinator of the Jean Monnet Network on Research and Teaching EU Foreign Policy (NORTIA), Dr. Heidi Maurer (University of Oxford). The event is kindly supported by UACES small event funding.






09:00-09:30     Registration and Coffee


09:30-10:00    Welcome and Opening Remarks

Maxine David, Tatiana Romanova



10:00 - 11:30 Session 1: EU Foreign Policy 10 Years after Lisbon

Chair: Heidi Maurer

Speakers: John Bogaerts, Helene Sjursen, Tony van der Togt, Nicholas Wright,

  • What are the most pressing challenges facing the EU and its Foreign Policy?
  • Can the EU do something in 2019 that it couldn't do in 2009?
  • Is the EU willing to do something more/different now than 10 years ago?


11:30 - 11:45   Break


11:45 - 13:15  Session 2: Foreign Policy Perspectives and Priorities

Chair: Tatiana Romanova

Speakers: Laure Delcour, Honorata Mazepus, Irina Petrova, Karolina Pomorska

  • Similarities and differences: perspectives from the post-2004 member states & perspectives from the 15
  • Perspectives from Russia & Perspectives from the Neighbourhood
  • Reviewing and revising: Brussels and Moscow respond


13:15 - 14:15   Lunch


14:15 - 15:30    Session 3: Breaking Down Barriers: Empathetic Learning & the Importance of Role-Plays

Chair: Tuomas Forsberg

Speakers: Maxine David, Heidi Maurer, Marek Neuman, Tatiana Romanova,

  • Teaching EU Foreign Policy
  • Teaching EU-Russia relations in the EU context
  • Teaching EU-Russia relations in the Russian context
  • Role plays and simulations - learning and understanding


15:30 - 15:45   Break


15:45 - 17:00  Session 4: Looking Forward & (Re-)Building Bridges

Chair: Maxine David

Speakers: John Bogaerts, Tom Casier, Sandra Fernandes, Ivan Timofeev

  • Prospects for European Foreign Policy & key relationships
  • The OSCE and Council of Europe
  • Securing Europe: the role of EU-Russia relations


17:00 - 17:30  Concluding Remarks


Maxine David, Heidi Maurer, Tatiana Romanova

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