Al-Andalus in Motion: Travelling Concepts and Cross-Cultural Contexts

Istanbul, Turkey

15-16 November 2018

1st Day

09.00-09.30 | Registration
09.30-10.00 | Opening Session
10.00-11.30 | Language and Identity/Linguistic Worldmaking

Julian Weiss
Bystanders and Borderlands: The Andalusi Frontier and the Sephardic Ballad [Weiss discusses the ballad as a form of language]

Yitzchak Schwartz
Al-Andalus on the American-Jewish Mind: The Uses and Afterlife of the Andalusian Golden Age in the United States

Or Hasson
Language as a site of identity-making, memory, and imagination: Early modern Spanish lexicography and Iberia's Semitic heritage lexicography

12.00-13.30 | Modern political uses of Al-Andalus and Iberia

Juliet Gryspeerdt
The forgotten 'Orient' in the writing of travellers to Portugal in the 1930s

Carlos Yebra Lopez
Medievalist passports: The symbolic place of Sephardim and Andalusíes in post-2012 Spain

AbdoolKarim Vakil
'A civilization, a culture, a Flag': ReOrienting al-Andalus (between Islamophobia and Islamophilia in Portugal)

14.30-16.00 | Culture and Knowledge in Motion: Translating Al-Andalus

Daniel Muñoz Sempere
'El Alcázar de Sevilla' by José María Blanco White and the export of images of Iberia

Rachel Scott
Conceptualising intercultural relations through the translation of a travelling text: the case of 'Kalila wa-Dimna'

Amina Boukail
The Représentation of the Other in Hebrew Andalusian' Literature

16.30:17:15 | Special Concert / Music from Al-Andalus

2st Day

09.00-10.30 | 'A Contested Space: Al-Andalus between Utopia and Distopia'

Doriane Zerka
'Andalusi Space and the 'European Network' in the German Rolandslied'.

Igor Alekseev
Andalusian Utopia in Russian Muslim Modernism of the late 19th century (Ismail Gasprinskii's Dar-al-Rahat)

Adrian Negro
Al-Andalus in fantasy and worldbuilding games and virtual reality

11.00-12.30 | Iberia Imagined by Travellers, Real and Fictional

Montserrat Piera
"Al-Andalus in my Mind": Perceptions of Al-Andalus in the Rihlas of three Iberian Travelers to the East

Sizen Yiacoup
Anti-Semitism, Utopianism and the Evocation of Al-Andalus in the Viaje de Turquía

María Mercedes Delgado Pérez
The Fall of al-Andalus Through the Narrations of a Christian, a Muslim, and a Jew: The Common Identity over Differences

14.00-16.00 | Materializing culture in sight and sound

Federica Broilo
The Disneyfication of the Alhambra in the twentieth-first century: the Japanese Experience

Olga Bush
Neo-Mudéjar architecture of Toledo train station in the debate on a national style

Miriam Ali-de-Unzaga
Andalusi textiles in motion: cross-cultural dressing in life and the afterlife

15.30-16.00 | Closing Session
16.00-19.00 | Bosphorus Tour and Dinner

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