UACES Arena: The New Euroscepticism: Sources, Patterns and Implications

Brussels, Belgium

8 December 2011


Dr Simon Usherwood, University of Surrey

This event is part of the UACES Arena, which is organised by UACES and Edelman | The Centre in cooperation with the University of Kent at Brussels. UACES Arena invites leading scholars to challenge conventional wisdom in the policy-making world and to present new ideas for a changing Europe.

The European Union finds itself at a critical juncture in its development: not only has the eurozone crisis called into question the keystone project of the integration process, but the constitutionalisation agenda set out at Laeken has also run into the sands. At the same time, there has emerged a persistent range of eurosceptic and anti-EU groups across the Union, not least because policy-makers have consistently failed to pay such groups any serious attention. This seminar will put forward the idea that while eurosceptics might not have the answers to the EU’s problems, the questions they pose speak to the heart of the integration process and deserve more careful consideration.

The speaker will discuss how this euroscepticism has come about, as well as its current dimensions and impact, before focusing on the implications for both the EU’s policies and polity. These implications extend beyond the anti-EU bloc within the European Parliament or the ‘usual suspects’ among member states to include potentially fundamental shifts in public opinion, political parties and businesses. Only by breaking out of the Brussels consensus of talking only to ‘friends of the Union’ will the EU be able to properly understand and engage with this new challenge.

This event is free to attend.

Places are limited so please reserve a place in advance by sending an email with the subject ‘Euroscepticism seminar' to by 6 December, stating your name, institution/organization and title.

Lecture from 12:30 to 14:00 (with a sandwich lunch provided from 12:00)

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