Comparative Law and Interdisciplinarity: practical approaches

Bristol, United Kingdom

8 February 2017

The roundtable provides an informal forum to consider interdisciplinary approaches within the context of European and Comparative Law. The European harmonization process responds to social and economic needs, technological and medical advancements, as well as cultural diversity while aiming at convergence and harmonization of different legal systems. Legal research that explores and accommodates harmonization processes thus needs to take an interdisciplinary outlook to respond to practical challenges explored within other disciplines, such as other social sciences, natural sciences and the arts.
The roundtable aims to explore some of the crucial interdisciplinary questions that can help us understand the EU harmonization process. It explores how research on modern technologies, social sciences and arts and humanities can enrich comparative law projects within the context of European law. The speakers will focus on three areas of study: Comparative law and literature, Comparative law and consumer protection, and Comparative law and technology.
As such, the roundtable aims to contribute to the rich, diverse, and sometimes controversial discussion on comparative methodology and to consider new agendas for Comparative law research. The roundtable is open to post-graduate and PhD students as well as more established academics. The discussions and contacts facilitated by the roundtable will help develop a future more substantive international research network focusing on interdisciplinary approaches within European and Comparative Law.

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