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Border Trouble? UK-EU Defence and Security Cooperation Post Brexit


CBE Jean Monnet 1 year anniversary event

November 2021 sees the first full year of the EU-UK Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA). Yet for security and justice cooperation, much remains incomplete between the two sides, featuring sparsely in the Brexit negotiations themselves.

While the PCA incorporated some areas guaranteeing police and judicial cooperation, a variety of other areas remain incomplete, and real questions remain over the long-term impact of Brexit on the security of citizens in the UK and EU.

Working collaboratively between the EU and the UK in terms of police, law enforcement, justice and home affairs, and border issues has now become a challenge, in new and unique ways. Public-sector actors, including government departments, law enforcement agencies (at the local, national and supernation level), and judicial actors all involved in aspects of the safety and security arising from police and judicial cooperation face a variety of new tasks and difficulties.

Externally, Britain is seeking to recalibrate its role, and its relations with the European Union, and Europe more broadly. How robust is the PCA in managing the complexities of data sharing, third-party membership of Europol and Eurojust, as well as the bilateral challenges arising between Britain and France over border management?

In this high-level event celebrating the first year of the Centre for Britain and Europe as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, we are delighted to host Sir Rob Wainwright, former Executive Director of Europol, and Lord Peter Ricketts, Britain’s first National Security Adviser, crossbencher in the House of Lords and Chair of the Lords EU Security and Justice Committee to explore these key issues.

The purpose of the Centre for Britain and Europe (CBE) is to provide high-quality, research-based analysis to a wide range of stakeholders on the most salient issues affecting the UK, Europe, and their various relationships. It has produced a variety of key CBE Briefing Notes exploring the impact of Brexit, and hosted important public events, helping to foster debate. In 2020 the CBE was officially designated a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.

We look forward to welcoming you, along with our guests, to help us celebrate the ongoing role the CBE plays in stimulating active, evidence-based debate in keeping UK-EU dialogue engaging and progressive.

25 Nov 2021 Guildford, United Kingdom