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Book Talk - Meet the author: Anu Bradford on The Brussels Effect (OUP 2020)


This book talk

hears a discussion by Prof. Anu Bradford from Columbia Law School about her iconic book on the success of EU laws globally, in The Brussels Effect: How the European Union Rules the World’ (OUP 2020). Discussants with backgrounds in international economic law, EU External relations law and public international law debate with Prof. Bradford the framing of the travels, success and movement of EU law globally.


Prof. Anu Bradford, Columbia Law School, Book talk on ‘The Brussels Effect: How the European Union Rules the World’ OUP 2020


Prof. Christina Eckes, Amsterdam Centre for European Law & Governance, University of Amsterdam (perspective of EU external relations law)
Dr. Mona Pinchis-Paulsen, Stanford Law School, University of Stanford/ London School of Economics (perspective of international economic law)
Prof. Cedric Ryngaert, Utrecht University School of Law (perspective of public international law)


Prof. Elaine Fahey, City Law School