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Academic Conference on 30 years Maastricht Treaty


Past, Present, Future

Maastricht University and Studio Europa Maastricht are organising an interdisciplinary academic conference to discuss the Maastricht Treaty through a European socioeconomic perspective. The conference will be held 28-29 September, directly following the EMU public symposium Euro at 20: shifting paradigms?, also being held in Maastricht on 27  September.

The aim of the conference is to facilitate critical, but constructive, academic dialogue on the Maastricht Treaty’s legacy. Researchers from the fields of economics, history, legal studies and political science will present papers on the following topics:

  • Institutional evolution and the future of the European integration
  • Social market economy and socioeconomic justice
  • Policies for economic convergence, risk sharing and solidarity
  • Democratic legitimacy and the rule of law
  • Fiscal federalism, democratic backsliding and the rise of populism
  • European inequality and social divide
  • Labour migration and economic union
  • The digital age and energy transition
  • The global impact of the euro
  • Common foreign security policy and geopolitical challenges
  • European health union and coronavirus pandemics


More on Studio Europa Maastricht.

28 - 29 Sep 2022