UACES Scholarships are awarded to postgraduate students and provide a bursary to undertake research in another country.

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2019 UACES Scholars

Christine Andreeva (Dublin City University): "From Divergence to Coordination? Understanding the Development of the European Union’s Counter-Terrorism Policy"

  • Fieldwork destination: Brussels (Belgium); Paris (France), the Hague (the Netherlands), Sofia (Bulgaria).

Tamas Dudlak (University of Pécs): “Illiberal democracies on the edge of the European Union. Comparison between Hungary and Turkey” – part of the PhD dissertation entitled “Relations between Hungary and Turkey from the regime change to the Eastern Opening of Hungary (1990–2014)”

  • Fieldwork destination: Ankara (Turkey)

Noémia Pizarro Pereira (ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon): “The effectiveness of the EU’s external policy on immigration: an analysis of the migration compacts with Niger and Mali”

  • Fieldwork destination: Niamey (Niger) and Bamako (Mali)

Angelica Szucko (University of Brasília - UnB): "UK-EU relationship in the context of regional integration process"

  • Fieldwork destination: London (UK)

Nuve Yazgan (University of Surrey): "Reform Implementation during Austerity: Explaining the Greek and Irish Cases"

Previous Scholars (since 2002)

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Bruno Theodoro Luciano (2018)

Representation and Integration: the logic of regional parliaments around the world

View report [PDF]

Kira Gartzou-Katsouyanni (2018)

Acting in Synergy or in Isolation? Drivers for the emergence of interfirmcooperation in Greece and Southern Italy

View report [PDF]

Patrick Utz (2018)

Kin-minority parties in a (dis)integrating Europe: Cross-border cooperation and irredentism in the European Union

View report [PDF]

Ingmar Versolmann (2018)

European Energy Policy / Energy Union

View report [PDF]

Martina Fuerrutter (2018)

EU Sanctioning Policies

View report [PDF]

Olena Lyubchenko (2018)

Gender Order in Transition?: Social Reproduction in Post-Soviet Russia

View report [PDF]

Paul Anderson (2017)

The Limits of Territorial Autonomy: Secession in Liberal Democratic States

View report [PDF]

Dimitrios Argyroulis (2017)

ECOFIN and the Post-crisis Institutionalisation of European Economic Governance: A Sociological Institutionalist Approach

View report [PDF]

Louise Bengtsson (2017)

Securitizing European public health: the changing practices of 'health security' in the EU

View report [PDF]

Mechthild Herzog (2017)

The role of the European Parliament in Community social policy, 1952-1979

View report [PDF]

Dimitra Panagiotatou (2017)

Investigating the correlation between the practice of EU Cohesion Policy and Euroscepticism: An exploratory qualitative analysis of selected EU regions

View report [PDF]

Friedrich Plank (2017)

The Effectiveness of Interregional Security Cooperation within the Framework of the African Peace Facility

View report [PDF]

Judith Sijstermans (2017)

Evaluating the Consequences of Transnational Party Collaboration on European Stateless Nationalist and Regionalist Parties

View report [PDF]

Jiangtian Xu (2017)

Can EU Become New Hegemon of International Civil Aviation Politics?

Nadja Dumann (2016)

Moroccan unaccompanied minors as economic underage migrants in the European Union

Anna McKeever (2016)

Backlash against Europeanisation of immigration and asylum policies? The changing dynamics of welfare, migration and the European Union in the UK, France and Switzerland

Irena Mnatsakanya (2016)

A Quest for Coherence: A Comparative Analysis of EU Crisis Responses to the Frozen Conflicts in the South Caucasus

Andrew Waterman (2016)

Trade union strategies to influence world trade negotiations

Helen Keighley (2015)

Combating Corruption in the European Union: Explaining transposition deficits in anti-bribery legislation

Ragnar Weilandt (2015)

Tunisian Perceptions of the European Union

Igor Merheim-Eyre (2015)

The European Unions Visa Diplomacy in the Eastern Partnership Countries

Diana Kudaibergenova (2015)

Nationalising Regimes and Nation-building in Post-socialist Europeand Central Eurasia

Ioanna Ntampoudi (2014)

National and European Identities During the Eurozone Crisis: The Case of Greece

Robert Dewar (2014)

Cyber Security and the European Union

Florian Edelmann (2014)

Political violence and terrorism in Europe in comparative perspective

Eske Van Gils (2014)

EU democracy promotion policies towards Belarus and Azerbaijan

Aijan Sharshenova (2013)

EU democracy promotion in Central Asia: Implementation in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Christiana Cleridou (2013)

The impact of the EU accession on gender pay gap in Cyprus

Giacomo Orsini (2013)

Sociological study of ground-level impact of Europeanization for small fishing communities living along the European external border

Merran Hulse (2013)

EU influence on regional organizations in Africa

Claire Bullen (2012)

Everyday cosmopolitanism in Liverpool and Marseilles? Developing a comparative framework of inter-ethnic relations and cultural policies at the city-level

Moritz Liebe (2012)

Public-Private Partnerships in the European Union: Understanding the emergence and promotion of an infrastructure policy

Einion Dafydd (2012)

How does the relationship between Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and their domestic political parties influence the way MEPs carry out representation?

Gareth Price-Thomas (2012)

Western European Green party responses to the financial crisis

Briony Callander (2011)

The Role of Aviation Security in EU Counter-Terrorism

Megan Dee (2011)

Evaluating European Union Leadership in Multilateral Negotiations

Charlotte Rommerskirchen (2011)

Fiscal Policy Coordination on Times of Economic and Financial Crisis

Marko Stojic (2011)

The Attitudes of Political Parties in Serbia and Croatia Towards the EU in Comparative Perspective

View report [PDF]

Egor Fedotov (2010)

Minority rights protection in Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia and Austria, and the role of international actors in promoting greater tolerance

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Isabelle Deganis (2010)

The European Commissioner's Role within the Open Method of Coordination (OMC)

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