Jo Shaw

Jo Shaw, Edinburgh Law School

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to individuals who have made a substantial contribution to the development of European Studies as a discipline.

The award was presented to Professor Jo Shaw at the Annual Conference Dinner in Krakow on 5 September 2017.

We've asked some colleagues and friends to write a few words about Jo:

"One of the turning points in my academic research was a conversation I had with Jo on the terrace of the Badia Fiesolana at the European University Institute in Florence nearly ten years ago. I had recently moved there and was wondering how to continue comparative research on citizenship laws that I had started in my previous job in Vienna. We talked about whether a newly established European Union Democracy Observatory at the EUI would provide a good platform. Jo was enthusiastic and suggested that we could do this together. This was the real kickoff moment for EUDO Citizenship, which has since grown into a global hub for data, research and debates on citizenship.

Jo fully deserves the UACES life-time award for her scholarship on EU law and her comparative constitutional ethnography of citizenship. She also deserves it as a good citizen of academia who has devoted much of her time to building institutions and networks where academic research could flourish. Most importantly, she is also a people-builder who has helped countless numbers of young academics to grow and find their way in the academic jungle that we call our home."

Rainer Bauböck, European University Institute

"When I first met Jo Shaw in a Cafe near the Edinburgh Law School at 11.45 on 1 June 2009, I never would have thought that she would become so important in my life. I admire her not only for her intellect and the passion for exploring the frontiers of knowledge, but also for her kindness, creativity and sense of justice. Jo’s  exceptional academic work is worthy of highest professional praise. Yet, for me, her dedication to nurturing talent and guiding a new generation of young scholars through the murky waters of academia is a lifetime achievement in and of itself."

Jelena Dzankic, European University Institute

‘'I am delighted that Jo has won the UACES Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to EU studies scholarship.  Jo is drawn to complex and contested issues. Her hard work and incredible commitment mean that her work reaches across disciplines and beyond traditional boundaries, both intellectual and physical.  I also want to acknowledge her contribution to the EU studies community. Through her leadership and loyalty, she has supported early career researchers, from across the EU and beyond, and for which I am personally grateful.  It is also why she famously has ‘so many young people’ at her parties!"

Nina Miller-Westoby, University of Glasgow

"The name of Jo Shaw stands across Europe for rigorous scholarship, intellectual curiosity, international engagement and personal qualities. I was fortunate to work with Jo for five years at the CITSEE project dedicated to citizenship in Southeast Europe. This collaboration allowed me to observe closely her vigorous academic activities but also her interests in art, history, literature, and photography. The UACES Lifetime Achievement Award should be understood both as a deserved recognition of Jo’s work and career and as the opening of a new chapter in the life of this brilliant scholar."

Igor Stiks, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh

"Jo Shaw has made (and continues to make) an outstanding contribution to the field of European Studies. Academically, she is one of the few truly interdisciplinary scholars who is as comfortable in the legal world as she is conducting empirical research or contributing to debates in political science. Through her research and teaching she has inspired a generation of younger scholars from different backgrounds to follow her into working in the field of European Studies. As a colleague and PhD supervisor she stands out for being incredibly supportive, reliable and fiercely loyal. It is not a coincidence that she was a guest at a number of her PhD students’ weddings! She is a true academic citizen; always prepared to help younger scholars and to take on thankless, selfless and often invisible tasks such as peer reviewing. At the same time as all of this, she has somehow managed to maintain interests and friendships outside of academia. She is a remarkable woman who has had a profound impact on European Studies and would be a very worth recipient of the UACES Lifetime Achievement Award."

Rebecca Zahn, University of Strathclyde

Jo's colleagues and friends are also sharing messages of congratulations and testimonials on social media. We are compiling them here.