The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to individuals who have made a substantial contribution to the development of European Studies as a discipline.

2017 Recipient Jo Shaw

We are delighted to announce that the recipient of the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award is Jo Shaw. Jo was presented with her award at the UACES 47th Annual Conference in Krakow, Poland.

Jo Shaw



Read more about Jo's award here.






2016 Recipient Simon Bulmer

Simon was presented with his award at the 46th Annual Conference in London, UK. View photos.

Simon Bulmer"It is entirely fitting that Simon Bulmer's considerable contribution to EU studies has been recognised by UACES through this award. Simon is one of our foremost researchers and teachers across a range of EU issues and someone who has made a number of seminal contributions across the literature.His early work on the 'domestic politics' of member state EU engagement anticipated and influenced today's orthodox inter-governmental reading, while later work on the UK and the EU provides a range of key insights aiding those seeking to understand the relationship that is marked above all, by complexity. Simon continues to produce research of the very highest quality. And notwithstanding all his academic achievements, he remains one of the nicest and most colleagiate people you could meet!"

— Drew Scott, University of Edinburgh

Read more about Simon's award in Issue 85 of the UACES Newsletter.

Previous Recipients

2015 Geoffrey Edwards

Geoffrey was presented with his award at the 45th UACES Annual Conference in Bilbao, Spain. View photos.

Geoffrey Edwards

Read more about Geoffrey's award in Issue 82 of the UACES Newsletter.





2014 Brigid Laffan

Brigid Laffan

Brigid was presented with her award at the 44th UACES Annual Conference in Cork, Ireland.

Read more about Brigid's award in issue 79 of the UACES newsletter.




2013 Neill Nugent

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Neill Nugent

Neill was presented with his award at the 43rd UACES Annual Conference in Leeds, UK.

Read more about Neill's award in issue 76 of the UACES newsletter.




2012 Emil Kirchner

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Emil KirchnerThe 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award was presented at the 42nd Annual Conference in Passau, Germany.

Read testimonials from Emil's colleagues in issue 73 of the UACES newsletter.




2011 Wolfgang Wessels

wolfgang wesselsThe 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award was presented at the 41st UACES annual conference in Cambridge, UK.

Read testimonials from Wolfgang's colleagues in issue 69 of the UACES newsletter.




2010 Michael H Smith

mike smith The 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award was presented at the 40th Annual Conference in Bruges, Belgium.

Read testimonials from Mike's colleagues in issue 65 of the UACES newsletter.




2009 Beate Kohler Koch

Beate Kohler-KochThe 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award was presented at the 39th UACES Annual Conference in Angers, France.

Read more about Beate's award in issue 62 of the UACES newsletter.




2008 Alan Milward

Frances Lynch collecting awardAn award for 'Lifetime Achievement in Contemporary European Studies' was presented to Alan Milward.

Frances Lynch collected the award on behalf of Alan at the 38th UACES Annual Conference in Edinburgh, UK.

Read more about Alan's award in issue 58 of the UACES newsletter.



2007 William Paterson

William PatersonAn award for 'Lifetime Achievement in Contemporary European Studies' was presented to William Paterson. The presentation was made at the 37th UACES Annual Conference in Portsmouth, UK.





2006 Helen Wallace and William Wallace

helen wallacewilliam wallaceHelen Wallace and William Wallace were joint recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006. They were presented with their awards at the 36th UACES Annual Conference in Limerick, Ireland.





2005 John Pinder

John PinderThe inaugural UACES Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to John Pinder at the 35th UACES Annual Conference in Zagreb, Croatia.





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