For graduates, there is a diverse range of prospective careers including diplomacy, working in governmental organisations, working in international institutions such as the European Union, NATO or the United Nations, translation and interpreting, teaching and research, journalism, finance, marketing and international business.

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Students’ Skills, Employability and the Teaching of European Studies: Challenges and Opportunities

by Heidi Maurer and Jocelyn Mawdsley

Skills and employability are increasingly viewed as crucial issues in curriculum design and teaching, while simultaneously perceived as potentially detrimental to academic standards. This article comparatively analyses the current European employability agenda and how it was implemented in Britain and the Netherlands. In addition, this article critically reflects on the challenges and opportunities of integrating such an agenda into an EU study curriculum, by drawing on practical examples from the universities of Maastricht and Newcastle.

Published in European Political Science (doi:10.1057/eps.2013.34)