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UACES Group Member

International Graduate Centre

Hochschule Bremen

With Europe integrating at accelerated speed it becomes increasingly important for graduates from Europe and from outside alike to develop an in-depth understanding of the central issues facing Europe at all levels of the economy and administration and to acquire the tools to work with European institutions. 

Our objective is to prepare students for European leadership roles in the private and public sector. We have designed the program to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date study of economic and political dynamics in Europe. Studies in European private and public management, in European economics, law and politics, an intensive seminar in Brussels plus a period of practical training offer an ideal combination to acquire theoretical knowledge, management education, practical skills and European expertise. Students from outside Europe find excellent job opportunities worldwide with companies, banks and organizations cooperating with European partners.

The course consists of 10 modules providing students with an interdisciplinary approach to key factors of European integration. The main topics to be covered are: the institutional system of the EU, EU economic integration and business in the EU, management systems in the EU and the management of European funds, European business law, Policy-making in the EU as well as the EU in the international dimension. The faculty is composed of international and national university lecturers and EU practitioners. Emphasis is laid on an interdisciplinary approach in teaching and learning, group work, discussions and a lively exchange between participants. Due to the international set-up of the program, students will be confronted with the need to cope with the cultural and individual differences that arise in a multicultural setting, familiarising them with working across cultures and working in international teams.

The program is run entirely in English. The degree is a 12-month, full-time program (60 ECTS credits). The course begins in early October and ends in September the following year. Students may opt for an internship (30 ECTS credits) after the completion of classes and Thesis work.

- Practice-oriented post-graduate education with an international emphasis
- One year full-time
- International lecturers and students
- Intensive seminar in Brussels
- Meet the Europeans program with guest lecturers and excursions
- Optional Practical training
- Orientation week
- German language course
- Social activities and gatherings, tutorial support and guidance

The course provides up to 25 places for applicants. The program is open to postgraduates with a qualified academic degree in Public Policy/ or Management, Economics or Business, Political Sciences or Law or a comparable academic background. It is designed to provide interdisciplinary education and training for tomorrow’s managers of European affairs. Students come from different backgrounds and will benefit from opportunities to develop a European perspective and to broaden their knowledge and skills in significant aspects of European management. The program provides sound preparation for careers in European and international businesses, institutions and administrations, or for further European research. Graduates have a broad field of opportunity to choose from, including economic and legal adviser activities, positions in private and public management, lobbying activities, political offices and functions and in the diplomatic services. Students from outside Europe find excellent job opportunities worldwide with companies, banks and organizations cooperating with European partners.

For further information about the degree course and the application procedure please see our website