The UACES Best Book Prize is awarded annually for the book that has made the most substantial and original contribution to knowledge in the area of contemporary European Studies.

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Kenneth Dyson Best Book Prize 2015
Professor Kenneth Dyson

2015 Winner

Awarded to Kenneth Dyson for his book States, Debt, and Power: Saints and Sinners in European History and Integration.

Kenneth's book aims to increase understanding of the ongoing Euro countries sovereign debt crisis in the broader historical context of sovereign financing. 

States, Debt, and Power argues for the importance of situating our contextually influenced thinking about European states and debt within a commitment to historically informed and critical analysis. It teases out certain broad historical patterns. The book also examines the inescapably difficult and contentious judgements about 'bad' and 'good' debt and what would constitute sustainable debt. The book also discusses distributive justice at times of sovereign debt crisis. These judgements offer insight into the nature of power and the contingent nature of sovereign creditworthiness.

Dyson points out the significance of creditor-debtor state relations in defining asymmetry of power. Dyson describes further the context-specific and constructed character of debt, above all in relation to war, as well as the limitations of formal economic reasoning in the face of radical uncertainty.

Kenneth's book was heralded by one member of the jury as ‘the best historical contextualisation of the Eurozone crisis. … It is the work of one of European studies' finest scholars at his absolute peak.’

Previous Winners
Year Author Title ISBN
2015 Kenneth Dyson States, Debt, and Power: Saints and Sinners in European History and Integration 9780198714071
2014 Claudia Schrag Sternberg The Struggle for EU Legitimacy: Public Contestation 1950-2005
2013 Christopher Bickerton European Integration: From Nation-States to Member States
2012 Mai’a K. Davis Cross Security Integration in Europe: How Knowledge-based Networks Are Transforming the European Union 9780472117895
2011 Kenneth Armstrong Governing Social Inclusion: Europeanization through Policy Coordination 9780199278374
2010 Robert Schütze From Dual to Cooperative Federalism: The Changing Structure of European Law 9780199238583
2009 Urfan Khaliq Ethical Dimensions of the Foreign Policy of the European Union: A Legal Appraisal 9780521870757
2008 Jo Shaw The Transformation of Citizenship in the European Union: Electoral Rights and the Restructuring of Political Space 9780521677943
2007 Andrew Jordan & Adriaan Schout The Coordination of the European Union: Exploring the Capacities of Networked Governance 9780199548484
2007 Lynn Dobson Supranational Citizenship (Europe in Change) 9780719069529
2006 Georg Menz Varieties of Capitalism and Europeanization: National Response Strategies to the Single European Market 9780199551033
2005 Stefan Auer Liberal Nationalism in Central Europe 9780415314794

Nominate for 2017 Best Book Prize

The deadline for nominations is 31 January 2017.

To be eligible for the award, the book must:

  • have a publication date in 2016;
  • be written in English (or translated into English);
  • be authored by an Individual or Student member of UACES (the prize is open to single-, dual- or multi-authored books, but NOT edited volumes).

Publishers are invited to nominate books for the prize. They should supply two copies of each nominated book to the UACES office, clearly identifying the books as nominations for the prize.

The prize is 100 GBP and the winning author will be invited to attend our Annual Conference as our guest and to collect the prize.

Competition Rules

  • The jury's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into;
  • No responsibility is accepted for ineligible entries;
  • UACES does not accept any responsibility for late or lost entries. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt;
  • UACES reserves the right to cancel this competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion;
  • Books will not be returned;
  • Subsequent requests for book reviews will not be passed on to the jury;
  • Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these rules and to agree to be bound by them when entering this competition.
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