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Will 2015 see the end of UKIP? by PoliticsatSurrey

It’s almost Easter, so it is also time for the Political Studies Association annual conference, held this year in Manchester. I had the great pleasure of sitting on a roundtable on UKIP with Rick Whitaker, Phil Lynch and Matt Goodwin, where we discussed the party’s support, strategy and organisation: much debate ensued. We’re producing a series of blog posts […]

EU and Russia: Worlds Apart? by deconstructingefp

  The long history of relations between Russia and Europe is a complex one, having undergone vacillating shifts between periods of attraction and cooperation at times, and intense competition and mistrust at others (Giusti and Penkova 2012, Light and Allison 2006). Against this broad historical backdrop of ‘schizophrenic’ foreign policy relations, I argue that the […]

The Dynamism of the European Research Geography by Europe of Knowledge

Nicola Francesco Dotti, Bas Van Heur and André Spithoven Looking for the geographical dimensions of Framework Programmes The EU Framework Programme (FP) is by far the most important European intervention for research and technological development (RTD). While this policy has been repeatedly reformed, the FP has also shaped European research since 1984. The largest part […]

Can Canada Save Europe from Energy Dependency on Russia? by environmentaleurope

A press conference between Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on March 27th 2014 provoked the latest round of commentary on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports ‘rescuing’ the EU and Ukraine from Russian energy dominance. Russia supplies 30% of the EU’s gas imports and 35% of its oil and in Germany […]

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