Webinar: Symposium on Future-Mapping the directions of European Union Law


26 May 2020

Symposium Special Issue of Journal of International and Comparative Law: The Future of EU law



· Dr. Francisco-Costa Cabral, Tilburg University, “Three dimensions of EU Competition law”

· Dr. Maartje De Visser, Singapore Management University, “Downwards and Sideways: Expanding the EU Public Law Terrain”

· Prof. Elaine Fahey, City, University of London, “The Methodology of Future-Mapping the Directions of European Union (EU) Law” (Chair)

· Dr. Massimo Fichera, University of Helsinki, “Framing EU Constitutionalism: a theory of constitutional change for the EU”

· Dr. Maria Kendrick, City, University of London, “The Future of EU Tax Differentiated Integration”

· Prof. Tobias Lock, University of Maynooth, “The future of human rights protection in Europe: consolidation or fragmentation?”

· Dr. Oana Stefan, King’s College London, “The Future of EU Soft Law”

· Dr. Maria Tzanou, Keele University, “Digital Intermediaries and Balancing of Fundamental Rights Online: In Search of the Right Framework”

· Dr. Adrienne Yong, City, University of London, “The future of EU citizenship status – emerging as a crisis?”

· Dr. Rebecca Zahn, University of Strathclyde, “The Future of the European Social Model – Lessons from the Past?”


Most significant interventions in the field of EU law have predominantly always been backwards looking and historical, given the nature of integration- perpetually in want of a narrative to explain and expound its significance. This symposium represents a discrete exercise of future-mapping of EU law at the start of a new decade from a diverse range of interdisciplinary scholars across the globe relating to European Union law. It explores how the future is analysed, mapped and project as to the EU as a subject. It examines three key issues: I) the constructivist future of EU law, II) the methodological future of EU law and III), the conceptual future of EU law.

This symposium will focus upon interdisciplinary consideration of future directions of European Union (EU) law and policy and governance and constitutionalism and how this is done in a burgeoning set of sub-disciplines of EU law. It probes a diversity of sub-fields, exploring inter alia the future of public and private law related themes, cutting-edge regulatory developments, the next legislative agenda and the post-Brexit constitutional legacy and landscape. It thus considers both the descriptive and normative contours of the legal, political and competence shifts that are likely, including from a comparative perspective. How should the future be framed and understood?

However, the Symposium also probes the place of time, manner and space in future-mapping of subsets of EU law. The place of legislative and policy time-frames and court-centric timeframes arguably dominate legal methodologies of the future. Yet what strictures do they impose on analysis? Do they hamper analytical method logically? How can, do or should we frame future analysis beyond ‘court-centric’ frames- or not?

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