Re-imagining social policies in a changing European Union

, Portugal

13-14 September 2019


Call for Papers - Section 15: Re-imagining social policies in a changing European Union

Espanet Portugal Conference 2019

Oporto/Portugal - Faculty of Arts and Humanities 

When: 13-14 September 2019

Organizers: Espanet Portugal


Call for papers: Re-imagining social policies in a changing European Union - section 19 

SUMMARY:The recent economic and financial crisis represented new regulating initiatives for the EU, in particular, with visible impacts in countries like Portugal, which have been subject to strong financial control mechanisms. The tightening of Stability and Growth Pact criteria, to be accomplished by member-states, imposing new maximum limits of public expenditure and deficit, led to a change in the governance of public policies. In many member-states, the crisis speeded up existing problems related to significant changes in employment and labour conditions. Social risks associated to factors such as demographic aging, new kinds of diseases (e.g. obesity, neurological degeneration or dementias), technological change, the acceleration of the robotization of production systems (with effects in employment and citizens' daily lives) or changes in family structures became even more preeminent.

This section aims to challenge a group of researchers, coming from different scientific fields, to reflect, either from a theoretical or empirical perspective, on the recent developments in EU social policies, with a particular focus on the relationship (and interdependency) between national and European spheres. The following themes are to be explored (though others are possible):

§  Challenges regarding the (re)construction of the social pillar of the EU;

§  Impacts of the economic and financial crisis in national social policies and in the kind of strategies pursued;

§  Reinvention of principles and ways of intervention in addressing complex social problems in EU sphere;

§  Which new theoretical and methodological challenges should/could be addressed by scientific research surrounding the future and present of the "European social model";

§  What is the expected role for nation states within a governance system with multiple actors and levels of power.

For any queries, please contact the section coordinators: Dina  Sebastião - or Carla Valadas - (University of Coimbra).


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If you have difficulties in submitting your paper (the language is in Portuguese) , forward your submission until 18th to the coordinators. 

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