Bringing IR back in: The European Union and the world

Paris, France

13-15 June 2018

The series of crisis Europe went through in the last decade had significant implications from an International Relations perspective. They have put the EU's foreign policy system and its external relations under significant pressure, challenging the EU's role and its ways of conducting its policies in the world. Maybe more deeply, they also revealed important discontent among public opinions and tensions between the member-states. International cooperation among EU countries, and between the EU and the World, will remain a persisting challenge for the years to come.   

Externally, the multiplication of hotspots ranging from Libya to Syria and Ukraine, the refugee crisis, tensions with Russia and Turkey, and the destabilisation brought by the Trump administration in the transatlantic relationships are some of the most pressing questions that the EU has to deal with internationally. Internally, the Euro-crisis and more recently, Brexit, have created tensions and uncertainty in the EU's project in general, and will entail repercussions on the entire EU's system of international relations. At the same time, however, these crises also offer opportunities for change and revision, as, for example, some moves in the field of defence cooperation seem to suggest.

In this challenging and continuously changing environment, scholars are invited to explore numerous empirical developments as well as to enrich their theoretical toolkit to explain relations between the member states and European foreign policies. This section aims to bring back the attention on International Relations theories and Foreign Policy Analysis approaches in the study of old and new puzzles in EU studies, and to the contribution that the study of European foreign policies gives to the development of IR and FPA. Traditional perspectives as well as newer approaches focusing on practices, narratives, emotions etc., which have gained traction in the IR and FPA literatures, are welcome to offer new insights on International Relations in and of the EU. This section invites panels and papers considering these aspects, from a variety of theoretical, methodological and disciplinary perspectives

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