Rights and Citizenship in the UK After Brexit

Glasgow, United Kingdom

14 September 2017

This roundtable is the third in a series of events organised by the Scottish Universities Legal Network on Europe and funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh on the legal consequences of Brexit.

This specific workshop will look at part of the rights framework that is embedded in EU law, including employment and equality rights and EU citizenship and free movement rights. For the past four decades the EU has been at the forefront in the development of rights in the UK; EU membership has had an undeniable impact on, for example, employment legislation, and the CJEU's interpretive function has defined and shaped anti-discrimination law. Furthermore, EU citizenship provides a range of rights and entitlements linked to the free movement of workers and others within the EU free trade area including a general right to equal treatment in law and a prohibition of discrimination on grounds of nationality. With the BREXIT vote, rights standards are now under threat and there are many questions regarding the future of EU citizenship and the entitlement of those EU citizens already settled in host countries.

This seminar will explore questions relating to these broad concerns and other questions arising from the BREXIT vote. Alongside practitioners and policymakers, academic participants will give legal, political and theoretical perspectives.

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