"Ever Closer Union" - University of Bath Exhibition

Bath, United Kingdom

17-25 May 2017

A travelling exhibition showcasing material from the Historical Archives of the European Union will be on display in multiple institutions across the UK and Ireland over the coming months. The exhibition is titled Ever Closer Union: the legacy of the Treaties of Rome for Today's Europe, 1957-2017, and it will mark 60 years since the signing of the Rome Treaty. It consists of 14 panels displaying material from the Historical Archives of the European Union. These visually illustrate the history of European integration from the signing of the Rome Treaties to the present day.

UACES is coordinating this project in the UK and Ireland in cooperation with host institutions. The dates of the exhibition's different locations can be found below:

University College Dublin (UCD Library)

3 April - 28 April

Edinburgh University (SPS Foyer)

8 May - 12 May

Bath University (The Edge)

17 May - 25 May

Strathclyde Glasgow

29 May - 12 June

University College Cork (The Glucksman)

13 June - 18 June

UACES is also running a storify page which charts the exhibition's progress through its different venues via social media content. More slots will be added to the above list of venues once they are confirmed and this page will be updated accordingly. For those still unable to attend, a digital version of the exhibition can also be accessed here.  

The project is facilitated by the European University Institute, and is organised in collaboration with the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the European Commission, the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the National News Agency ANSA. It will be hosted in more than 100 venues (Institutions, Centres, Universities) across Europe and worldwide. Information about the exhibition's other global locations can be found here.


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