The Future of Higher Education: Beyond Brexit

Manchester, United Kingdom

24 January 2017

The EU referendum result has long-term implications for EU students, staff and research projects. UK Universities currently benefit from EU research funding by about £1.2 billion a year alongside access to international networks of researchers via the freedom of movement rules. The Treasury has guaranteed to back EU-funded projects signed before the 2016 autumn statement. After this date any EU funded projects will be assessed by the Treasury to determine whether project funding should be guaranteed by the UK government. With uncertainty remaining over how long the home nations will remain inside the EU, and what the future exit deal will include, there are doubts whether EU researchers are being deterred from bidding for funding alongside UK partners. What action can universities take to ensure that Britain remains at the forefront of research and learning?

After the UK leaves the European Union there are further complications to navigate such as the immigration status of EU students, eligibility of loans, whether tuition fees will rise for EU students and also visa policies for university staff. Currently 125,000 EU students, five percent of the total number, study in the UK and it has been estimated that they have contributed £2.7bn to the British economy. How can institutions continue to attract the best talent to study, research and work in the UK? This timely conference will explore likely outcomes so that institutions are best placed to prepare, plan and proactively respond to the challenges and opportunities beyond Brexit.

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