JCMS is the leading journal in the field of European Integration Studies and publishes high quality, accessible articles on the latest European issues. For over 50 years JCMS has been the forum for the development and evaluation of theoretical and empirical issues in the politics and economics of integration, focusing principally on developments within the European Union.

JCMS is edited by Michelle Cini, University of Bristol and Amy Verdun, University of Victoria

JCMS newly appointed book review editors are Ruby Gropas and Gaby Umbach, European University Institute.

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UACES welcomes two new JCMS Book Review Editors, Ruby Gropas and Gaby Umbach. Many thanks to the previous Book Review Editors Paul Stephenson and Patrick Bijsmans. Please note that contact details have changed, contact JCMS Book Review Editors at JCMSBookReviews@eui.eu

JCMS Annual Review

The Annual Review covers the key developments in the European Union, its member states, and acceding and/or applicant countries in the previous year.

The JCMS Annual Review is edited by Nathaniel Copsey, Aston University and Tim Haughton, University of Birmingham.

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