Since 2002, UACES has awarded 138 travel scholarships to postgraduate students from 33 different countries.

The scholarships are essentially travel bursaries designed to provide mobility to existing postgraduate students so that they can undertake research in another country. The scholarships are NOT for students looking for funding to enrol in a postgraduate course.

In 2017 UACES is offering its members* two different scholarship schemes. Applicants can only apply to one scheme.

*New members can join UACES here.

UACES Scholarships

For 2017, UACES is offering 4 Scholarships for a fixed amount of 1,500 GBP to be awarded on a competitive basis to UACES members.

UACES & James Madison Charitable Trust Scholarships

In addition to the above scholarships, UACES is partnering with the James Madison Charitable Trust (JMCT) in order to offer a further 4 scholarships for a fixed amount of 1,500 GBP. These will also be awarded on a competitive basis to UACES members.

The objectives of the JMCT have shaped the scope of the scholarships and you can find out more about those objectives here.


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