Voice through Law: Navigating and Negotiating Brexit as a Resident EU Citizen

London, United Kingdom

18 May 2018

To date, analytical focus on proposals for EU citizens' post-Brexit residence entitlements in the UK has been on whether they offer a sufficient equivalent to those currently offered by EU law. Yet in reality, even before the referendum, the operation of Union citizenship rules created numerous gaps in protection, particularly for those in unpaid, low-paid or precarious work. As a result, any assessment that critiques new residence proposals by reference to Union citizenship gives 'voice' only to those who sit comfortably within that framework. Crucially, this simultaneously risks denying voice to those who already fell through the gaps in EU citizenship's purportedly protective rights offering and who are at much greater risk of residence insecurity in practice.

This multi-stakeholder conference employs the concept of societal 'voice' as an alternative analytical framework to address this current deficit in the discussion about EU citizens' residence security. By bringing together a wide range of participants - from academia, legal practice, media, the third sector, campaign groups - the conference will consider how a greater diversity of citizens' voices can be heard as the UK heads towards Brexit, in order better to inform policy, administrative, legal, media and third sector responses.
This multi-stakeholder conference critiques the use of the EU citizenship rules to assess proposals for post-Brexit residence rights and examines the potential of 'societal voice' as a more inclusive alternative analytical framework.Speakers include: Anne-Laure Donskoy (the3million); Matthew Evans (AIRE Centre); Joelle Grogan (Middlesex University); Paul Heron and Helen Mowatt (Lambeth Law Centre); Simon Hoffman (Swansea University); Thomas Horsley (University of Liverpool); Ruth Jacob (Crisis); Charlotte O'Brien (University of York) (keynote speaker); Naomi O'Leary (freelance journalist); Keith Puttick (Staffordshire University); Stephanie Reynolds (University of Liverpool); Frances Trevena (CORAM)


Registration: Registration is free, but please register at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/voice-through-law-navigating-and-negotiating-brexit-tickets-45015835576 

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