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UACES Group Member

Nijmegen School of Management

Radboud University of Nijmegen

The Nijmegen School of Management unites a number of disciplines in the area of organization, administration and policy.


The Institute for Management Research (IMR) conducts fundamental and applied research on the development, design and effectiveness of public and private governance and organizations. A core theme is Europeanization/European integration, which is the domain of the multidisciplinary research group EUROPAL- Europeanization of Policy and Law. The EUROPAL research group aims to analyze these processes of Europeanization. First, how do EU laws and policies impact member states' laws and policies ('downloading')? Second, how do member states seek to influence law and policies at the EU level ('uploading').

In answering these questions, EUROPAL brings together researchers from various disciplines: Political science, Public Administration, Economics, Social Sciences of the Environment, Spatial Planning, and Human Geography. Also, it hosts various legal scholars, from fields such as Migration Law, Public Law, Private Law, Sociology of Law, and European Law. This unique combination of theories, methods, and sectoral knowledge makes it possible to develop an integral and multidisciplinary understanding of questions of Europeanization.


At the Nijmegen School of Management several related fields of study have been grouped together: Business Administration, International Business Administration (bachelor track), Economics and Business Economics, International Economics and Business (bachelor track), Political Science, Public Administration, Geography, Planning and Environment.