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UACES Group Member

Faculty of Government & European Studies

Nova Univerza

The Faculty of Government and European Studies (Kranj, Slovenia) was founded in 2000 and became a member of the New University in 2017. The Faculty offers two study programmes on each level. Study programmes on the undergraduate level are Public Administration and Administrative Law. For obtaining a Master's degree or a PhD, students can choose between two study programmes on both levels of study, Public Administration and International and Diplomatic Studies.

All the study programmes devote a special attention to European Law, the institutions of European Union, the political and administrative context, and the transnational nature of its constitutional aspect.

Well thought out study programmes are backed up with an excellent academic structure, composed of professors who have rich practical experiences as well as strong theoretical knowledge. The Faculty often invites foreign guest lecturers and hosts academic conferences and workshops as we believe the students benefit from learning as many aspects of the same issue as possible.

The Faculty of Government and European Studies encourages its researchers and enables them to attend lectures abroad, but most importantly, offers them the intellectual freedom to allow them to research the desired field as best as possible.