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European Studies

Royal Holloway University

European Studies is an exciting and rewarding degree programme which introduces students to the political, social and economic trends shaping contemporary Europe. The European Studies degree at Royal Holloway is for students who wish to combine the study of languages and social science within the context of Europe.

Established in 1991, the European Studies centre at Royal Holloway brings together the language and social science departments to provide undergraduate programmes in European Studies.

The European Studies programme prepares students for a wide range of careers such as diplomacy, working in governmental organisations, working in international institutions such as the European Union, NATO or the United Nations, translation and interpreting, teaching and research, journalism, finance, marketing and international business.

Twenty-first century Europe is radically different from the divided Europe of the Cold War period. With this in mind, European Studies focuses on a number of disciplines to grasp the extent of the changes through which the continent of Europe has gone.

In recognition of our strengths in European Politics, the Department of Politics and International Relations have recently established a Centre for European Politics. The Centre draws together specialists from within the Department of of Politics and International Relations and across the college.