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UACES Group Member

Communications Office (Bruges Campus)

College of Europe

For more than 70 years the College of Europe has contributed to the European integration project, providing generations of leaders the knowledge, experience and collective wisdom that enabled them to turn the dream of a unified, peaceful and prosperous continent into reality.

On their two campuses, Bruges and Natolin, you will find not only a top-quality postgraduate institute of European studies with a unique interdisciplinary approach and senior academics and practitioners from over twenty-five countries, but also a truly European living experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life, as you will become part of an extraordinary network - the College family. The College of Europe is the most "European" institute offering a Master's degree in European studies: our faculty and students represent almost 50 different countries from Europe and abroad. The Bruges campus offers programmes in European Economic Studies, European International Relations and Diplomacy, European Legal Studies, European Political and Administrative Studies. Many graduates have gone on to work in EU institutions, international organizations and related activities, providing an extensive network of contacts in Europe and beyond.


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