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UACES Group Member

Centre for European Studies

University of Exeter

A university-recognised research centre home to the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. Our mission is: to support our colleagues in different departments and Colleges engaged with interdisciplinary research on the EU and European politics, law, economics, society and history; to inspire and educate post-graduate students; to produce usable knowledge for policy-makers and organisations involved in the policy process; and to engage citizens on the future of the UK in Europe.

The Centre for European Governance (CEG) is an interdisciplinary research centre. Its members are currently working on projects in economics, political science and law.

Find out more about CEG members and our research projects.

The Centre provides advanced specialist training in the areas of EU politics, constitutional politics, regulatory governance, public opinion, and the political economy of European integration through its MA programmes coordinated through the Department of Politics and the European stream of the MPA programme. 

We host the European Journal of Political Research and members edit and contribute to a number of academic journals and book series.  

Academic staff are executive board members of UACES, SCHES and ECPR.