3 January 2019

As Chair of the University Association of Contemporary European Studies (UACES) I would like to record my support for colleagues at the University of Hull, who have been informed that Languages programmes in French, German, Italian and Spanish will be suspended for 2019 entry.

The University of Hull has long been associated with UACES in the field of European Studies, and on behalf of our association, I would like to express my solidarity with colleagues in the School of Histories, Languages and Cultures affected by this decision.

I believe the decision to suspend European languages at Hull sends a very negative signal about the future of Modern Foreign Language (MFL) provision in a post-Brexit environment, at a time when developing MFL fluency among UK undergraduates is more crucial than ever for both economic and cultural reasons. I would urge senior management at the University of Hull to reconsider its position and I have written to the Vice Chancellor of Hull to express this view.

Dr Nicholas Startin, Chair of UACES