The Graduate Forum Research Conference

An annual 2-day conference providing a friendly environment to gain experience of presenting research and to develop contacts with others in your field. The conference always features keynote lectures or roundtables, and funding for presenters is available.

UACES Graduate Forum Conference 2019 (8-9 July): Call for Papers Now Open Manchester
UACES Graduate Forum Conference 2018: An Actor on Multiple Stages: the EU as a Local, Regional and Global Power | View resources and photos Leuven
UACES Graduate Forum Conference 2017: Looking Backwards to Go Forwards? Europe at a Crossroads | View resources and photos Newcastle
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Doctoral Training Academy (DTA)

An annual 1-day event which looks at the PhD process itself and aims to provide practical advice for students at all stages of their PhD. This normally takes place in November.

Doctoral Training Academy 2018: Publishing Your Research | View resources and photos Birmingham
Doctoral Training Academy: Career Development | View resources and photos Manchester
Adapting for the Future of European Studies | View resources and photos London
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JCER (Journal of Contemporary European Research)

  • JCER is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal by UACES, which encourages submissions from PhD students and ECRs.

Crossroads Europe Blog

  • In collaboration with JCER, the Graduate Forum runs the Crossroads Europe blog, publishing analysis and comment on contemporary Europe and reflections on being a researcher. If you'd like to contribute, find out more here.

EuroResearch email list

  • The Graduate Forum runs the EuroResearch email list, a tool for sending and receiving emails about relevant events, scholarship opportunities, jobs etc. Membership of the list is open to students and postdoctoral researchers in the field of European Studies. Join the list here.

Who runs the Graduate Forum?

The Graduate Forum is run by an elected committee* of UACES Student and Early-Career Members. We work together with the UACES Committee of Trustees to organise events and conferences and to represent the voice of graduate and early-career researchers within the Association as a whole. Committee members are elected by members of the Graduate Forum.

Current Graduate Forum Committee members:


Rachael Dickson, University of Strathclyde | @rdicko

"As Chair I oversee the work of the Graduate Forum and act as its voice on the UACES Executive Committee. I am responsible for coordinating our activities and ensuring we are representing our members effectively. You can contact me with any Graduate Forum queries, including but not limited to ideas for future activities, questions about current activities and feedback/suggestions."


Kamila Feddek, University of Glasgow



Olga Litvyak, Université de Lausanne | @Olgaltv 

"As Communications Officer, I manage the EuroResearch mailing list, co-edit blogs for Crossroads Europe and co-run the UACES GF Twitter and Facebook pages. You can reach me at uacesgf.comm@gmail.comif you have questions related to the mailing list or the GF social media, or want to share useful information about vacancies or events for postgraduate and Early Career researchers in European Studies."


Amy Manktelow, Nottingham Trent University | @amymanktelow



Nele Marianne Ewers-Peters, University of Kent | @nmep20

"As Events Organiser I am responsible for coordinating the GF's two annual events and you can contact me with inquiries about the Research Conference and Doctoral Training Academy."

How can I join the Graduate Forum?

Most of us are UACES Student or Early-Career Members.

Becoming a UACES member provides you with a range of benefits and opportunities to support your academic career and to connect with the wider UACES community (~1,000 academics and practitioners from over 50 countries).

Join UACES today

As a non-member, you can still get involved by:


JCER Interview

The Journal of Contemporary European Research 13 (4) Special Section marked 50 years of UACES and European Studies.

Previous Student Forum/Graduate Forum Chairs participated in a recorded discussion published in the special section. They discussed the changing needs of postgradute students, the history and future of the Graduate Forum, and the future of postgraduate and early-career research in European Studies.

Featuring: Simon Usherwood, Viviane Gravey, Elizabeth Monaghan, Miguel Otero-Iglesias and Anna Wambach.

Watch the interview below or click here to read the transcript.