Assessment Criteria

Proposals will be considered by a panel composed of members of the UACES Committee.

The application process is competitive and funds are limited.

Successful applications will be expected to submit a post-event report and acknowledge UACES in any publications that arise from the event.

Selections will be made on the basis of the following criteria:



The application has been submitted by a UACES member (Student, Individual, Early-Career or Group) Required
The proposed event is within the subject area of contemporary European Studies Required
The event is not part of a series of events (it is a stand-alone event) Required
The event will take place within 3-9 months of the application deadline Required
UACES as an organisation actively promotes gender balance in the formation of panels at its annual conference and at UACES-sponsored events. As such, it does not permit all-male panels. Please take this into account when submitting your application. A panel is designated as constituting more than two participants. Required

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Aims and Relevance

There is a clarity of purpose in the aims and the objectives for the event Required
The proposed programme is feasible Required
The event is relevant and topical Desirable
The event incorporates policy oriented issues Desirable
The event is interdisciplinary Desirable

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Accessibility and Participation

The event is inclusive (i.e. not closed to new participants) Required
The participation of UACES members is encouraged Required
The event has no all-male panels (panels having more than two participants) Required
The event will bring together academics and policy-makers Desirable
The event encourages the participation of postgraduate students Desirable
If there is a registration fee, there is a discount for UACES members Desirable

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Financial Aspects

The proposal includes a coherent budget Required
The funding request does not exceed 1,000 GBP and will be used for eligible expenses Required
The amount of funding requested reflects the anticipated attendance (i.e. it is proportionate) Required
The registration fees, if any, are realistically priced Required
If there is a fee for delegates to attend, the total funding requested does not exceed 40% of the overall costs of the event, excluding personnel costs Required
There is institutional support for managing the financial aspects of the event and for settling individual claims and invoices Required

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The event will contribute to the UACES Newsletter (with an event report and photos) Required
The event will result in a publication (book, journal special issue, journal articles, research papers etc.) Desirable
The event will lead to further dissemination of quality research (papers being presented at a subsequent event, a significant blog dialogue, podcasts etc.) Desirable

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Benefit to UACES

UACES will be acknowledged in the publications that arise from the event Required
UACES will benefit from increased participation at the UACES annual conference Desirable
UACES will be introduced to a new audience Desirable
The event will feed into other UACES activities Desirable

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