Online presence

It is important that UACES Research Networks have an online presence, in order to be accessible, open and collaborative.

Research Networks are required to:

  1. Send UACES relevant updates for their page on the UACES website
  2. Create and manage their own online presence. This must be one or more of the following:
    1. A website
    2. A blog (e.g. hosted on Ideas on Europe)
    3. An active social media account

Please find below some advice and information below:

Social Media

Create a dedicated public Twitter profile or Facebook page to post your news and engage with new audiences. A visitor should be able to find out what the network is and what it is about, what the latest and upcoming activities are, and how they can get involved (e.g. mailing list, event, publication).

Web Hosting

To create your own website, we strongly recommend that you use something like to construct and host your website. Apart from being free, it allows collaboration with multiple web editors and it gives you independence from any Institution. Being an online tool, it also allows you to edit your website from any computer with an internet connection without any special software being required. Alternatively, you could build a site with

Domain Name

A domain name can be obtained for less than 10 euros/year from providers such as (don't be put off by the name of the website). UACES will also create a short URL which can be used to direct people to the network website.


As well as traditional publishing in journals and presenting papers at conferences, you can also disseminate research results, generate discussion and get feedback by blogging on sites such as

In addition to the required online presence above, you may also like to consider:

Online Publishing

The Journal of Contemporary European Research is an online peer-reviewed journal and there are many others.

Email List

Consider using services like Jiscmail to set up an email list for your network, to allow your network members to communicate with each other effectively. Use your website to advertise the email list, so that new members can join easily.

Finally, if websites, social media, blogging etc. are outside your comfort zone, remember that this is meant to be a network - delegate responsibility to someone who is keen to help!