Assessment Criteria

Proposals will be considered by a panel composed of members of the UACES Committee.

The application process is competitive and funds are limited.

Successful applications will be expected to submit an annual report and acknowledge UACES in any publications or events that arise from the activities of the Network.

Selections will be made on the basis of the following criteria.


The network has been proposed by an Individual or Early-Career member of UACES Required
The proposer works at a recognised University (or Higher Education Institution) and will act as the Research Network co-ordinator in the event of a successful application Required
Each of the network co-ordinators are proceeding with the knowledge and support of their Institutions Required
The proposal is for a 3-year project commencing in Spring/Summer 2020 Required

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Aims and Relevance

There is sufficient intellectual rationale for establishing a UACES Research Network in this field Required
The aims of the network are clear, with well-defined targets Required

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Accessibility and Participation

The network will be multi-national Required
The network will be interdisciplinary Required
The inclusion of other UACES members will be encouraged Required
The activities of the network will not be geographically limited Desirable
The network will encourage the participation of experienced, early-career and postgraduate researchers Desirable
The network will bring together academics and policy-makers Desirable

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Financial Aspects

The proposal includes a coherent budget, with a breakdown for each year of the project Required
The budget is within the 5,000 GBP limit Required
The budget is limited to eligible expenses Required
There is institutional support for managing the financial aspects of the network and for settling individual claims and invoices Required

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The network will have an active online presence Required
The network will contribute to the UACES Newsletter Required
The network has a schedule of dedicated research meetings and workshops Desirable
The network is planning to participate in the UACES annual conference Desirable
The network is planning to participate in other large conferences Desirable
The network has a publishing strategy Desirable
The network will utilize online tools and methods (e.g. Jiscmail, Ning, blogging) Desirable

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Benefit to UACES

UACES will receive publicity at other large conferences Desirable
UACES will benefit from increased participation at the UACES annual conference Desirable
UACES will be acknowledged in the publications that arise from the activities of the network Desirable
UACES will be introduced to a new audience Desirable
Existing UACES members will have an active role in the network Desirable

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