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Birol Yesilada, Prof

Portland State University, Mark O. Hatfield School of Government

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United States

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Politics & International Relations


Professor Yesilada is a regular broadcast and print media commentator at home and overseas. He has been interviewed by the VOA, BBC, Radio New Zealand, CNN, PBS, NYT, WP, and others on subjects pertaining to foreign and security policy, European Union, Cyprus, Turkey, and terrorism.

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  • English
  • Turkish


My research interests include Global power transition, the European Union, political and economic development of Turkey, radical Islam and terrorism, the Cyprus problem, and politics of economic reform in the emerging markets. I am a Principal Investigator for the World Values Survey Project in Cyprus. My recent publications include several books: Global Power Transition and the Future of the European Union, EU-Turkey Relations in the 21st Century, Islamization of Turkey Under the AKP Rule, The Emerging European Union, Comparative Political Parties and Party Elites and over 30 articles and book chapters. I am the former co-editor-in-chief of International Studies Perspectives and former Associate editor of the Middle East Studies Association Bulletin. I been an invited policy consultant at various Departments of the US government and organizations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the U.S. Institute of Peace, the RAND Corporation, Booz Allen Hamilton, the Nathan Associates, Barclays Capital, the World Bank, and is an Academic Associate of the Atlantic Council. I was invited by the White House to take part in a panel study at the RAND Corporation on "Politics and Islam in the New Constitution of Afghanistan" as part of the commission that drafted the new Constitution of that country.