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Nikos Skoutaris, Dr

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United Kingdom

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Dr Nikos Skoutaris is a regular media commentator, on the legal questions arising from Brexit and on the legal and political developments relating to the self-determination movements that take place simultaneously within the borders of the EU (Catalonia, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Cyprus). His research has been discussed in BBC, Der Spiegel, Bloomberg, The Scotsman, The Guardian and The National among else

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  • French (Basic)
  • Italian (Basic)
  • Spanish (Basic)
  • Greek (mother tongue)


Nikos Skoutaris is a Senior Lecturer in EU Law at the University of East Anglia. He obtained his LLB from the University of Aberdeen, his LLM from Maastricht University and his PhD from the European University Institute. His research interests lie in the intersection between EU law, comparative constitutional law and conflict resolution theory. He has published extensively on Brexit and its effect on the UK territorial constitution.