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Knut Roder, Dr

Sheffield Hallam University, Psychology, Sociology and Politics

Areas of Expertise

Country of residence

United Kingdom

Online Academic Profile

Research Discipline

Politics & International Relations


Regular commentator on BBC Radio Sheffield. Taken part in English and German print- media panel discussions.Written newspaper articles for German and English outlets.

Language Skills

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish (Medium)


Although a German national, I received my entire University-level education in the United Kingdom (BA, MA and PhD). In addition to Germany and the UK, I have researched, studied and worked in Spain and Italy, and frequently spend time in Brussels / Belgium. My teaching, publications and research expertise is comparative (Germany, UK and EU): Politics and political economy, with a focus on Germany and the UK, examining issues in both countries as well as at the EU level, political parties, labour market policies, EU treaties, and terrorism. I also have a research interest in Teaching and Learning.