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Patricia Mindus, Prof

Uppsala University

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Reaching out to extra-academic audiences and engaging in public debate is part of my job. I regularly give talks in e.g. cultural centres, NGOs, advocacy groups, and bigger organisations like Europol and Unesco. For a short presentation please see my TED talk:

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  • French (fluent/mothertonge)
  • Swedish /fluent/mothertongue)
  • English (fluent)
  • Italian (fluent)
  • Spanish (working knowledge)


Professor of Practical Philosophy at Uppsala University, and Director of Uppsala Forum on Democracy, Peace and Justice, a leading interdisciplinary research centre in Sweden, my expertise is in citizenship studies and I have a broad interest in global governance, democracy and migration policy. With good experience in heading large interdisciplinary research teams, developing new research venues, my background is in law (foremost EU law and jurisprudence) and democratic theory, and a rare twin expertise that combines citizenship studies with legal and political theory. In particular, the functionalist theory of citizenship that I have developed constitutes a major breakthrough in theory development in citizenship studies. I first presented the theory in a research monograph from 2014 and have since continued to publish on citizenship. My functionalist theory has since been made the object of a special issue, an international conference and a PhD dissertation in Human Rights Law. In another monograph, I applied the theory to Union citizenship, offering innovative policy suggestions that inspired i.a. the Bertrand Russell Foundation for Peace to convince the EU Commission to register two European Citizens Initiatives.