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Mladen Lisanin, Mr

Institute for Political Studies

Areas of Expertise

Country of residence

Serbia and Montenegro

Online Academic Profile

Research Discipline

Politics & International Relations


Mr. Lisanin is a regular commentator in national and regional media: print, broadcast and online. He has been interviewed on topics such as European integration and European foreign and security policy, great power politics, transatlantic relations and foreign policy of Serbia in regional and European context. Recent coverage has included a number of national media, as well as regional outlets such as N1 Television (regional CNN affiliate) and Radio Free Europe.

Language Skills

  • Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian (native)
  • English (professional proficiency)
  • French (basic proficiency)


Mladen Lisanin is a research associate at the Belgrade-based Institute for Political Studies, where he also holds the position of the secretary of academic journal Serbian Political Thought. During spring semester 2018, he was a visiting fellow at Johns Hopkins University -School of Advanced International Studies in Bologna, Italy. He is an OSCE scholarship holderand an alumnus of European Forum Alpbach. His areas of academic interest include internationalrelations, international security and foreign policy. Mladen is the author of a number of scientific papers, and has written extensively on topics such as international relations theory and history, balance of power in world politics, regional politics, European politics, relations between western and Islamic world, foreign policy decision making and foreign policy system of Serbia. He is a regularcommentator of international issues in Serbian and regional media, and a participant in panels, seminars and conferences in the area of international politics and security in Serbia and abroad. He speaks English and has a basic proficiency in French.