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Francis Jacobs, Mr

European Parliament, European Parliament Information Office in Ireland

Areas of Expertise

Country of residence


Research Discipline

Politics & International Relations


As the Head of the European Parliament Information Office in Ireland Francis Jacobs has had regular national and local media contacts, focussing especially on the role and activities of the European Parliament and of its MEPs.

Language Skills

  • French, excellent
  • Italian, excellent
  • Spanish, very good
  • German, good


Francis Brendan JacobsFrancis has worked with the European Parliament since just before the first direct elections in 1979 and been the Head of the European Parliament Office in Ireland since 2006. From 2000-2006 he was the Head of Unit of the Parliament's Environment Committee , and before this had been on the staff of the European Parliament Committees on Economic and Monetary Affairs, Constitutional Affairs, Rules of Procedure and of the Temporary Committee on German Unification. Before joining the Parliament's staff, Francis Jacobs had worked with a US trade association in Washington DC, and with Unilever in London. He has a BA in History and Law from Cambridge University and an MA in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University (SAIS)Francis Jacobs is one of three co-authors of the "European Parliament", John Harper publishing, 8th edition 2011, 9th edition to be published in 2016). He was also the editor and principal compiler of "Western European Political Parties: a Comprehensive Guide"(Longmans 1989), and has been the author or co-author of numerous articles as well as chapters in various books, most recently on EU agencies. He has lectured on many occasions on general EU matters and on the European Parliament.