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Andi Hoxhaj, Mr

University of Warwick, Law

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United Kingdom

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  • Albainan


Andi Hoxhaj joined Warwick Law School in 2012 as a research assistant to Ralf Rogowski and in 2013 as a Teaching Assistant leading seminars in Constitutional and Administrative Law, and Foundations of European Law, European Law and Policy modules. He is currently writing his PhD thesis on' Anti-Corruption Policy in the EU and Reflexive governance'. He obtained his LLM from University of Warwick in International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation in 2012, and he earned his LLB (Hons) form London Metropolitan University in 2011. Mr. Hoxhaj's research interests are in the area of European Union law, European integration, governance, development, globalisation, reflexive and social theory. He has a special interest in studying the concepts of jurisprudence, philosophy of Law, political philosophy and sociology of law. Mr. Hoxhaj has a longstanding interest in studying democracy, politics, civil rights, education, international development, economic and social justice.